Tribal Seals

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History Of The Inter-tribal Council Of The Five Civilized Tribes

  • Chapter 1
    • Section one: Inter-Tribal Council Formation
    • Section Two: Indian Health Service (IHS)
    • Section Three: Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    • Section Four: Economics
  • Chapter 2
    • Section One: Education
    • Section Two: Water rights
    • Section Three: Land rights
  • Chapter 3
    • Section One: Indian Self Determination Act
      Section Two: Revised Constitutions
      Section Three: Resolutions
    • Section One: Indian Tribal Government Tax Status Act of 1982
    • Section One: Preserving Indian Heritage
    • Section Two: End of A Decade
  • Chapter 6
    • Section One: 1990’s
    • Section Two: Oklahoma’s House Bill 1017
    • Section Three: Land Settlements
    • Section Four: Sovereignty